Dr Caduceus

Dr. Caduceus

At a very young age Caduceus and his father were injured in an accident; Caduceus managed to walk away with only a scar over his left eye, however his father wasn’t so lucky. He wished he could save his dad from the brink of death, but he did not have the ability to do so. As he contemplated his need to heal the sick, he decided to dedicate his life studying everything having to do with modern medicine, and surgery. One day, during his usual study sessions, he began to notice time beginning to slow around him. This supernatural anomaly helped him realize that he was born with a gift; an ability that would help him accomplish his future tasks, and with that he finally achieved his cutiemark. Doctor Caduceus has been granted with an ability known as the “Healing Hoof” which in rare moments grants him incredible speed and precision that would aid him in his field of work. Years later he achieved a medical license, and was a top ranking surgeon in Baltimare Central Hospital until they transferred him to Ponyville due to his outstanding records making the rest of the crew at Baltimare Hospital look bad comparred to Caduceus. Unfortunately constant use of the “Healing Hoof” over the years has diminished his overall stamina, and caused his hair to turn white. (Note that the “Healing Hoof” is not an actual ability, but more of a story telling element when the GM narrates Caduceus’s actions). Caduceus is extremely passionate about his career, and has a strong sense of morality. He’s genuinely cares for his patients, and is able to connect with them in a personal level. Though under Caduceus’s calm demeanor, he isn’t afraid to act out when somepony’s life is on the line. However Caduceus never knows the limits of his abilities, and ends up trying to save every patient he can, but realisticly no pony can truly be some sort of superhero.



Dr Caduceus

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