Turner Gear

Turner Gear

Turner Gear was an orphan in Baltimare. One day, an old artisan mechanic came in with a mechanical puzzle box, and had each young pony try it. Some of them where able to figure it out eventually, but only with great effort, and sometimes a little force or magic. When Turner had his chance, he sat down, looked at the box, and tapped lightly on a couple places on the box, solving the puzzle, and earning his cutie mark. With this, his new adoptive father taught Turner the tricks of the trade, and helped him truely discover his talents meaning.

The years went by, and Turner traveled all over Equestria with his teacher. From Manehattan, Prance, Germeneigh, and the royal city of Canterlot. Canterlot was their most frequent place to visit, what with his teachers skills being highly sought after, and during his time there he met and befriended Pastel Brush. Not being in one place for too long made it hard to make friends, but with the frequency in which he visited Canterlot, it was easy enough to maintain the friendship without strain.

As the years progressed, his already old teacher aged further. By this time, he had taught Turner everything that could be taught, and everything else had to be learned from experience and years of hardwork. Not long before moving to Ponyville, his teacher passed away, and this was when Turner took up the chance to travel and expand his skills.

Turner was one of the mechanics for the clocktower in the heart of Baltimares harbor, but always had times for other jobs such as fixing their trains to tuning boat engines. If it ticks, he can figure out how it works and fix it if it doesn’t. Never one to back down from a challenge, or shy away from the strange, he is always ready to think on his hooves and come up with a way of fixing problems. Usually with some device he whips up out of the things he finds laying around.

Having made friends with Blackwing, Dr Caduceus, Knight Shade, Moongazer Star, Quin Longhoof, Valhalla, and Veridian Vertigo, and along with Pastel, the group has felled Diamond Dogs, Changelings, and even Mecha-Discord.

Months after the Changeling invasion, Turner finds his mind filled with whispers when no pony is around, and murmurs in rooms filled with silence…



Turner Gear

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