Veridian Vertigo

Veridian Vertigo

Raised by a Single parent life was difficult in the early years for Veridian. When he was a young kid he was often left alone as his father went to his job as a security guard, so he many times would just find himself wandering around the lower east side finding young ponies to play with or just take a look down alleyways and see what he could find.

Veridian earned his cutie mark when he was 10; one day he was snooping around in some alleyways looking for something to do when he witnessed a teen pegisi mug a young mare. Before he was able to run over and try to assist her, the teen got away. Lucky for Veridian, in the struggle the teen had dropped a monogramed pin and left plenty of hoof prints; one thing led to another and he ending up helping the guard find the culprit. He would have been considered a hero if it had been any other teen, but this teen was the son of the local Industrialist and the CEO of the company his father had been working for. After almost 15 years of service Veridians father was fired for “stealing” on the job. Ever since then He has always hated lies and ponies who abuse others.

Though he couldn’t always be there for his son Veridians father loved him and always tried to support him, after he was fired and blacklisted he took odd jobs to put his son through school and the (police/guard academy?).

After working 2 years a cop on a beat Veridian felt that he could help more people if he worked outside the normal bounds of law which let him find he true passion: being a Private Eye. With his new trademark colored hat and trench coat he was at last he was able to do what he loved; serving justice on his own terms and with his new job he was able to have his father quit his life of hard labor and live it out like he had always wanted too.

For quite a few years he able to make a good living in Manehatten, supporting both himself and his Father; but one day Veridian got a message saying the once-teen he had stopped all those years ago had not only lost the family fortune but turned to a life of crime. 3 months after that initial message and 5 days before his 29th birthday Veridian was able to track this lone Pegisi to the rooftops of same tenements he encountered him all those years ago. Racing roof to roof and guards in tow, and Veridian hot on the heels of this Pegisi made a grave mistake. Near the end of the tenement row the culprit started to glide higher into the air leading Veridians gaze higher for just a second; and come to find out it only takes a second to miss a twenty foot gap. He tried to correct himself before he slid off but he was too late; he made a great leap and slammed against the opposite buildings gutter hanging on for dear life but before he could pull himself up the gutter snapped, escaping his grasp and letting him free fall Fifty feet down.

He soon awoke in a hospital bed covered in casts and bandages as was told he had broken 2 legs, a half a dozen ribs, and fractured his skull; more importantly they had said the culprit had a been captured by the guards and was due for his court date.

It’s been 3 years since then, and Veridian has been unable to look down from a postion higher than ten feet off the ground without feeling extreme Vertigo and sickness. He was convinces by his Father to leave Manehatten, to forget and leave the bad memories and tall buildings behind and live an easier life. He still holds a grudge on that lone Pegisi, but as long as his Father’s safe and he’s able to do what he loves he can’t help to be at least a little content.



Veridian Vertigo

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