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Venture into the Deep

After being briefed by Princess Celestia as to the situation with Turner, Blackwing, Dr Caduceus, Knight Shade, Mena Hornbreaker, Moongazer Star, Pastel Brush, Valhalla, and Veridian Vertigo where introduced to Evening Rose and Captain Iron Feathers, who would be accompanying the group, along with some guards, into the depths of the castle, in search of their missing friend.

Traveling down a mysterious stair way that lay behind a previously non-existent hole in the wall, the group found their way changing in materials. From stone, to sand, to wood, to dirt, and finally to steel. Coming to a round passage they made their way to a door. Entering this door, after Knight Shade applied his hoof to a panel on the door, they all made their way through, before the door slid closed, with no apparent way to open it from their side. Engraving a message on the floor, warning to not let the door close, the party found a door that was slightly ajar. Blood lay on the ground, coming out of the door, and going down the hall a bit, before disappearing. Pastel gazes through the door as Vertigo picks up a note. As Vertigo lifts the note covered in strange characters, a tune straight out of a music box starts playing. At the same time, Pastel catches the gaze of a white face with a wide, disturbed smile. She yelped in enough time for the others to see it, before the face moved away.

Deciding to enter the room, Vertigo pushed the door open, with the help of Captain Iron Feathers, and the others backing them up. They find their way into a large, dark room. Moongazer’s horn provides some light for them to see, as they stay close together. Captain Iron Feathers then hears a sound coming from the grates on the floor. He pauses to investigate, as does Knight Shade. And out from the floor erupt terrifying pony-like creature. Creature after creature erupts from the floor. The group puts up a good fight as they try to defend the way they came in, lest these beings escape and attack Canterlot. However, that proves to be fruitless as one of them attacks one of the guards from the other side of the door, killing him instantly. As the group fights back to try to get to a door on the other side of the room they fight valiantly. Knight Shade destroys the first one. Pastel uses the arm from one to impale another, and pin it to a wall. And the Unicorn Guards kept the waves at bay with Magic Missile. However, this didn’t last as the waves kept coming, slowly taking the guards out as the group heads for the door.

Only Turner’s friends and Captain Iron Feathers made it out the door and down a long hall, being chased by more and more creatures. Reaching the end, there sat a bulk head that they escaped through and sealed. Taking a rest, a pile in the corner of the room shifted. Being on guard, a hatch from under the pile opened, showing a pony in armor. The helmet around his head retracted. It was Turner! And Pastel punched him!

What lies beneath?
Something lurks...

Drawn to the castle, Turner Gear finds his head filled with whispers and murmurs from ponies unseen. Finding his way through halls, until he finds himself in a seldom used part of the castle where the wall has fallen away, sits a large metal, vault like door. Alarmed by this, he seeks out Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. Telling them of the whispers that brought him to that door, they inform him no such door was there before as it was solid stone. Giving him the task of finding what lies behind it, they send him in with five royal guards.

That was one month ago…


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