Knight Shade

Knight Shade

Son to Belladonna (mom) and Blazing Shade (dad)

Mother was a Pegisus who was a botanist and taught him about different plants out in the wild. She was the lead botanists at the University of Coltago. She was the lead professor there.

Father a Night Pegisus was in the Royal Guard untill he was injured in a battle. Instead of taking a desk job he retired honerably from the Guard He taught his son how to hold a lance and fight with one. He is the insperation that lead Knight Shade to get in to the Roal Guard Air Division.

Related to an oringinal guard of Princess Luna before she becase Nightmare Moon

Grew up around non night ponys, was ostrisized b/c of looks, but overcame that by joining the Night Guard, still thinks he is a day pony not a night pony. After going through Royal Guard training he was set up as a guard for Princess Luna when she goes out during the day. He is odd because he is the only night pegisus to be awake durring the day. He still jousts with other pegisi and is very good at it. Not only is he a jouster, but the knowledge that his mom taught him on plants has made him a valuble friend to have on adventures, which he goes on often. (Luna doesn’t go out much durring the daylight hours) He can be awake durring the night if he gets sleep in during the day, but that doesn’t happen often.



Knight Shade

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